EPISODE 1 - "The Adventure Begins, Part I"


Mars is running out of water and soon the Martian Mice will perish. Their only hope is the magnificent Regenerator, a machine capable of converting dirt into any substance required, including water. But the evil Catatonians, led by that hairball spitting comedian of a cat, Supreme Commander Hairball, have launched an all out attack in the hopes of capturing the Regenerator for their own purposes. Will the Biker Mice From Mars be able to hold out against the Catatonian assault?

EPISODE 2 "The Adventure Begins, Part II"


With the only Regenerator on Mars having been destroyed, things are looking bad for Mars. The Biker Mice must take General Stoker, the genius creator of the Regenerator, to Planet Earth where he can find the necessary tetra-hydrocarbons required to built another of the precious machines. But there are surprises in store for the Biker Mice upon their return to the City of Chicago- a surprise in the guise of one Ronaldo Rump, land developer extraordinaire, who has joined forces with the Catatonians to get his own greedy mitts on a Regenerator, the ultimate land development tool!

EPISODE 3 "The British Invasion"


Things heat up for the Biker Mice when the infamous Sir Richard Brand-Something flies into the show with hopes of winning a Regenerator of his own purposes. Joining forces with that cat-a-klutz, Supreme Commander Hairball, Sir Richard puts his plans, and his evil robots Bangers and Mash, into action giving the Biker Mice a ride for their money. In the mean time, General Stoker is finding that the Earth's tetra-carbons are producing some unexpected, and very much unwanted, side effects.

EPISODE 4 "Changes"


General Stoker's exposure to tetra-hydrocarbons has worsened his condition, causing him to turn into the mad, "Stoker Rat". Making matters worse, he's loose on the streets of New York City where Rump has managed to capture him in an effort to force Stoker to build another Regenerator so that he might expand his land developing efforts and get richer. Will Stoker turn traitor? Can the Biker Mice rescue him from the clutches of Ronaldo Rump and get him back to work in the effort to save Mars? It's a challenge that only the Biker Mice Can Mars can meet.

EPISODE 5 "The Tender Mousetrap"


The Bike Mice turn their motorcycles into radical Swamp-Cycles when they discover a mouse damsel in distress stuck in the mud. But is this attractive, female mouse really what she appears to be or could she be that infamous, Catatonian shape-shifter, Catalina Cat, on a secret mission to trick the Biker Mice into revealing Stoker's secret lab where he is hard at work building a new Regenerator for Planet Mars?

EPISODE 6 "Between Rump and a Hard Place"


Ronaldo Rump launches his Regenerator into orbit over the Arctic Nature Preserve, planning to turn acres of natural wilderness into a Rump Amusement Park! It is up to the Biker Mice to foil Rump's evil plot and preserve this important animal habitat while taking on the world's top motocross racer on a race track designed to keep even the greatest bikers in the world struggling to stay on their bikes!

EPISODE 7 "Biker Mice Down Under"


Rump hires the felonious Flare to create a landslide inside Stoker's cave-bound laboratory, leaving General Stoker trapped inside and his research vulnerable to discovery It is up to the Biker Mice to don their spelunking gear and rev up their cave-cycles to save the General and his work before Rump and the Catatonians can get their paws on him.

EPISODE 8 "Driver's Ed"


The Biker Mice From Mars are reduced to the "Motor Car Mice From Mars" when their motorcycles are stolen by Ronaldo Rump and his evil minions. Just one problem - while they may be the universe's baddest mamajammers on bikes, nobody ever taught them how to drive a car!

EPISODE 9 "New Cats In Town"


The high commander of the Catatonians has had enough of Hairball and Cataclysm's failure to acquire a Regenerator on Planet Earth and send them to the bench. In their place, three wiley, female Catatonian shape shifters are sent to give the Biker Mice a race for the prize!

EPISODE 10 "A Hairy A-Bomb"


The Biker Mice discover they are not the only ones searching for tetra-hydrocarbons when they encounter an educated, soft - spoken Abominable Snowman type creature named "A-Bomb". But will there be enough to save A-Bomb's family and give the Mice what they need to finish the regenerator?

EPISODE 11 -"Manchurian Charley"


The Biker Mice From Mars are challenged to a motocross race where they encounter some serious foul play. As usual, Charley is using her awesome mechanical skills to keep the bikes on track but strange things keep happening. Could it be that Charley is the mechanic behind the mayhem?

EPISODE 12 "It's the Pits"


The Biker Mice are lured into a secret underground world carefully hidden beneath a Rump Mini-mart where they encounter not only one of the nastiest baddies of all time, The Pit Boss, but an unexpected group of enemies they haven't seen for a very long time. It is the return of the Plutarkians!

EPISODE 13 "Bringing Up Vinnie"


Things turn a little whacky for the Biker Mice when Vinnie is accidentally turned into a baby mouse by the evil Dr. Catorkian. If you thought keeping Vinnie under control was a problem before, watch as the Biker Mice attempt to battle the Catatonians and Ronald Rump while struggling to keep little Vinnie in clean diapers!

EPISODE 14 "Carbine's Conundrum"


The Catatonian Shape Shifter, Catalina Cat-A-Call, infiltrates Biker Mice Headquarters on Mars and captures Carbine. Her objective? To download Biker Mice secret computer files and get her claws on Carbine's new secret weapon --- the Surge-E-Rator -- a device to boost a Regenerator's power ten thousand fold. However, Carbine is not so easily fooled nor defeated and it becomes a showdown between these two enemies with the future of Mars itself at stake!

EPISODE 15 "Rumpity-Dumptster"


Meet the new and improved Ronaldo Rump! When a test run of a new Regenerator, built by that hair-brained mad scientist Dr. Catorkian, blows up in Rump's face, he finds himself roaming the streets of Chicago without his memory or his hairpiece. Rump has, however, managed to hang on to his one good Regenerator. If only he could remember what the machine does. The evil Cataclysm and the Biker Mice From Mars haven't forgotten and the race for the Rump is on!

EPISODE 16 - "Surfer Cats From Saturn"


The Biker Mice finally gets their hands on Rump's Regenerator just in time to be accidentally transported to Saturn thanks to Hairball's clumsy control of a transporter machine! With no way off the ringed planet, the mice turn to a race of local hip cats who inhabit Saturn. But they soon discover that these wave riding kitties are descendents of the Catatonians, the sworn enemies of the Mice! Will the slick surfin' cats of Saturn turn out to be friend. or foe?

EPISODE 17 "Vigilante Vengeance!"


Ronaldo Rump hosts his own reality television series offering a cash prize to any viewer who can capture and turn in criminals roaming free in the city. Only this week, Rump has pulled a fast one. The target? The Biker Mice From Mars! The prize? A cool million. The result? All of the Chicago is after the tails of the Biker Mice From Mars!

EPISODE 18 "Cyber Mice From Mars"


When Stoker discovers that Rump has managed to plant a super-virus into his secret computer data banks containing all the secrets of the regenerator, he transports himself into the worldwide web, intent of killing the virus. But time is running out on Stoker. It's up to the Biker Mice to go cyber and take out the cyber threat before they are deleted. permanently!

EPISODE 19 "Break Up"


Could this be the end of the Biker Mice From Mars? General Carbine pays a visit to Earth to announce Throttle's promotion to a higher rank, meaning that he will need to return to Mars to assume his command. When Freedom Fighter Rimfire, Modo's nephew, is inserted in the team as Throttle's replacement, things don't go exactly as planned!

EPISODE 20 "Here Come The Judge!"


A traffic violation lands the Biker Mice in Chicago's wackiest courtroom courtesy of honorary "judge for a day", Ronaldo Rump! But that's only the beginning. Sentenced to doing time in the pokey, the Biker Mice encounter the many personalities of their jailer, a certifiable nutcase named "The Crusher", placing the Mice and their motorcycles in danger of becoming fodder for the junk yard.

EPISODE 21 "Swimming With Sharks"


The Biker Mice receive an unexpected visit from Vinnie's Auntie Mago - a space pirate with an evil plan and a pair of dangerous sharks. Armed with modified, underwater motorcycles and battle gear, the action goes underwater as the Mice battle the elements and the pirates in an effort to keep this renegade pirate from joining forces of Ronaldo Rump in the race for the Regenerator.

EPISODE 22 "Desperado"


When Throttle is injured in a battle with the Catatonians, he wakes up thinking he's a character in a famous, old Christmas movie! It's up to his bros to keep Throttle from falling into the clutching claws of the Catatonians as they struggle to find a way to bring their leader to his senses.

EPISODE 23 "First Mice on The Moon"


When the Catatonians capture Stoker and spirit him away to their base on Earth's Moon, the Biker Mice give chase. A crash landing introduces the mice to a race of rabbit mechanics left on the Moon by the Catatonains many generations ago, rabbits looking for revenge!

EPISODE 24 "Cat and Mouse"


Commander Hairball has concocted a secret and subversive plan to gain favor with the Catatonian High Command and thus replace his own brother, Cataclysm. To accomplish this, Hairball hypnotizes Throttle in order to obtain classified intelligence about Stoker's progress with building a new Regenerator on Earth. However, even hypnotized, Throttle proves to be a less than completely cooperative prisoner and the best laid plans of one pompous pussycat quickly goes awry!

EPISODE 25 "Once Upon A Time on Earth - Part I"


The plot thickens when Stoker finally completes the regenerator he's been building. The Biker Mice expect to take the regenerator to Mars and save their planet once and for all. But could Stoker have other ideas? Has the General become a traitor to the Martian cause?

EPISODE 26 "Once Upon A Time on Earth - Part II"


As the final battle to determine who will get a regenerator and who will not, the Biker Mice encounter their old enemy, Laurance Lactavius Limburger, as the Plutarkians enter the sweepstakes for ultimate domination of Earth and Mars.

EPISODE 27 "Once Upon A Time on Earth - Part III "


The epic comes to a conclusion as the final battle is fought for the future of Mars. Will Stoker turn out to be a friend or a traitor? Will the Plutarkians prevail over the Catatonians in the battle to possess Earth? Will water be restored to the Planet Mars? All the questions will be answered in this exciting episode.

EPISODE 28 "Turf Wars "


The Biker Mice From Mars sing their way through this most special of events - the star in this special event - the first rock opera ever produced for an animated television series!

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